Green University Overview for a Sustainable Future

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Naresuan University was officially founded on July 29, 1990. The total area of the main campus, which is located in the suburban area of Phitsanulok province, is 2,167,624 square meters, 9.38 % of which is covered by forest vegetation with 28.53 percent covered by planted vegetation.  Naresuan University has policies to use energy efficient appliances, replacing conventional appliances. A greenhouse gas emission reduction program has been implemented using the HVAC System which has been implemented for green buildings as reflected in all construction and renovation policies, for example, natural ventilation, full natural day-lighting, and employment of a building energy manager for the Green Building.  Naresuan University also uses renewable energy inside the campus, produced from solar energy.

Naresuan University recognizes global warming requires more than reducing the use of paper and plastic on campus, toxic waste handling, organic and inorganic waste treatment, and an efficient sewerage disposal system. Naresuan University has implemented a water conservation program by using water efficient appliances, recycling water to use for the garden sprinkler systems, etc.

Ms. Sukkhee Limsritrakul/News
Edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mary Sarawit

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