Excellent Center for Road and Railway Innovation and the network Publish The Symposium TRAS-2

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NU-RRI, Naresuan University, together with KRRI, Korea, published a statement regarding the Symposium TRAS-2 which included the seminar on the topic “Thailand and the Opportunities and Challenges of being the center of ASEAN railway system technology”. The statement was as follows:

On 13.30 hr. today (4th June 2015), at the 14th fl. Conference room, National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office, Chamchuri Square, 319 Phyathai Road, Phatumwan, Bangkok, Dr. Yada Mukdapitak, Deputy Secretary General, Acting Secretary General of the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI), was the chairman responsible for the publication of the Statement on “The 2nd Thailand Rail Academic Symposium”. The event is the collaboration of the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office, Excellent Center for Road and Railway Innovation from Naresuan University, and the Korean Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) which is a world research institute. As one of the hosts of the symposium, Dr. Rattapoom Prichartpreecha, Director of the Excellent Center for Road and Railway Innovation, Naresuan University, stated that “it cannot be denied that the country’s investment for basic instruction which according to the strategy plan is 1.9 trillion baht to improve the basic structure of transportation, the low efficiency, energy-use transportation and environment friendly, to join the competition and make the country the center of ASEAN railway system technology is not only realized by Thailand. Our neighboring countries such Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia also have the plans for investing to the railway system. In this regard, the railway system leading countries including China, Japan, and South Korea also realize the significance of Thailand of being the main connection for the region’s transportation and logistics. There were the introductions on many types of investment plans as mentioned, however, in Thailand has recently applied railway system for only 2%. Most Thai people are familiar with on-road transportation. It should be realized that if there is the change of the transportation in the near future, how much we’re prepared for it in many ways including industries, labors, education and research? And with this much investment for the railway system, would it be possible for us to improve ourselves to be the leader of ASEAN railway system technology like China or South Korea where took only 20 years of improvement since only importing to be the leading exporters in the world industry. In this event, there will be many aspects of the boards of related organization, the experts of railway system such as Governor of The State Railway of Thailand, Prof. Dr. Wanlop Surapholkanthorn, Mr. Nakorn Chantasorn, Dr. Rattapoom Prichartpreecha, and Dr. Jinyu Choi from KRRI, Korea”.

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