Tree Planting Imprinting One’s Heart on NU Territory

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Preecha Ruangjan, acting president of Naresuan University, accompanied by administrative staff, the War Veterans Organization officers, and NU staff and students  joined together in the activitiy “Naresuan University Plants for the year 2017”: 150 Cerbera odollama trees, 60 Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr. Trees, and 20 Pterocarpus indicus trees were planted. The aim of this activity was to show respect, to commemorate the Royal grace of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and to carry on the Royal wish in sustainable natural resources environmental conservation to recognize the importance of the forestry, to implant mindfulness in conserving forests according to H.M. the King Rama IX’s philosophy, and to make this planting activity be planting with one’s heart.

Ms. Sukkhee Limsritrakul/News
Edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mary Sarawit

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