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Naresuan University has launched “NU Farm Project” initiated by Dr. Phawat Wijarat from the Department of Agricultural Science, the Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment.  This combined program was set for freshmen of the Department of Agricultural Science in order to promote the becoming of Green University by introducing organic agriculture into academic curriculum according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy conceived and developed by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

The objectives of this program are to promote organic farming as a recreation area for NU community, to support students to build up their knowledge and professional skills on cultivation before getting trained in both public and private sectors under the Co-operative Education Project conducted in the final semester of the curriculum, to develop process of studying and planning of research questioning in agriculture and livestock and to encourage students to make use of their time in the farm.

The added benefit from the project is organic agricultural products to be consumed and distributed in the future, for example, chinese kale, chinese cabbage, white radish, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and etc., and the upcoming products will be promoted such as cherry tomatoes, cape gooseberry, lentils turnovers, Thai vegetable, and cucurbitaceae.

Mr. Sitidech Sirinoi, the first year student from the Department of Agricultural Science, said that doing organic farming produces vegetables which are good for health, plus they can be sold to the market and make money. This is one of good activities for NU students since it helps promoting their abilities and future careers.

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