NU Researchers have successfully developed Bastard Teak packaging to replace foam containers

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The Faculty of Engineering, Naresuan University, integrates engineering knowledge to produce ecological packaging using leaves, which is one of the university’s successes in developing eco-friendly products.  The research team, jointly piloted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samorn Hirunpaditkoon and Dr. Narumon Seeponkrai from the Department of Industrial Engineering, said that they are inspired by the idea of helping reduce the use of foam food container which cause environmental pollution.  Being researched for one year, many kinds of leaves were taken into the laboratory, but finally Bastard Teak was successfully found to be the best suited leaf because it has high resistance for hot food with has no problem of leaking.  A patent for this innovation has already been registered.

To promote a usage campaign of save-the-world packaging made from Bastard Teak, the Phitsanulok City Municipality agreed to introduce this innovation to the 2016 Thai Songkran Festival, held during April 13 -16, by inviting the food merchants to use leaf packaging to replace foam food containers.  Dr. Seeponkrai added that they have also strived to improve the quality of packaging to be more durable and beautiful by developing a harmless coating.  This type of packaging will be continuously presented in the New Year Festival of the city as well.

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