Waste: WS

          The University’s policy of activating and supporting the organizations within the University to sort out the wastes and paper in order to be reused. Some wastes can be also recycled. Some organizations have held various ways to respond the policy such as:

          3.1 Faculty of Humanities: used the damaged files attributed to the feature board to develop a public relations board

          3.2 Some organizations reuse empty water bottles as flowerpots decorating the office.

          3.3 Every organization in the University reuses both sides of the paper when this is possible.

          3.4 Some organizations apply an information science system in office processes to reduce the amount of paper used. This is done by The Graduate School and the Division of Academic Services and Asset Management. For Central Administration, there is a policy of using e-Documents in these organizations.

          3.5 Some organizations indicated a policy of elevator use in order to save energy.

          3.6 The University has been recycling organic waste (waste from plants) as bio-fertilizer which can reduce the amount of waste from gardening activities and tree branch cutting and leaves within the campus.

Suchinda Khayaidee : Translator
Roy I. Morien : Edit