Water: WR

          The University has a policy and strategy for saving water. Some organizations have a water saving campaign, such as:

          4.1 Show stickers about saving water campaign

          4.2 Create public relations media on websites as part of a water saving campaign

          4.3 Faculty of Architecture has applied an activity which is an animation regarding Water Saving, created by the students

          4.5 Apply water from ponds to plants and for cleaning the road instead of from the fresh water supply

ปริมาณการใช้น้ำประปา และแหล่งน้ำอื่น

Year Piped water (m3) Others (m3) Total
2014 1,434,240 1,728 1,435,968
Percentage (%) 99.88 0.12 100

Suchinda Khayaidee : Translator

Roy I. Morien : Edit