Transportation: TR


Number Of Cars Owned By University

No. Vehicles Number of vehicles
1. Vehicles-bio diesel 30
2. Vehicles-electric 16
3. Buses 9
4. Vans 56
Total 111

Number Of Cars Entering The University Daily

No. Number of gate of the university Number of vehicles
1. Gate No.1 1,276
2. Gate No.2 1,092
3. Gate No.3 851
4. Gate No.4 1,760
5. Gate No.5 2,066
6. Gate No.6
Total 7,045

Many vehicles enter and leave the campus related to the NU Hospital which is located in the campus. Many of these vehicles are patients or visitors to the hospital.

Number Of Bicycles On Campus

No. Details Number of vehicles
1. University’s bicycles 500
2. Bicycles of staff and students 689
3. Others 59
Total 1,248

Transportation Policy

The University indicates the policy of parking area limitation within every organization. Some area are limited of time also. For example:

  • Parking is prohibited during the hours of 06.00-17.00, except on official holidays, in the following areas:

  • Naresuan Road: From Gate 6, the connection between Naresuan Road – Ekatodsarod Road, the road in front of NU Hospital, Pratheprat Shrine, to Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science entrance.

  • Ekatodsarod Road: From the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science entrance to the exit of the Faculty of Medical Science.

Campus Buses

The University offers Campus buses to transport staff and students as well as to be available for other activities or projects. There are 9 Campus buses in total and 16 Electric buses which are used to transport the staff and students within the campus for free.

Bicycles And Pedestrian

The University encourages staff and students to walk or ride a bicycle within the campus instead of using cars in order to reduce the air pollution and to reduce the traffic problems within the campus.